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Training Outline

  • ACI Design Assumptions

  • Nominal Flexural Strength

  • Unified Design Provisions

  • Strenth Design

  • Example on Flexural Strength of Singly Reinforced Beam Section

  • ACI Design Requirements

  • Example on Fexural Strength of Doubly Reinforced Beam Section

  • Nominal Strength

  • Example on Fexural Strength of T-Section

  • Distribution of Fexural Reinforcement (Beams and On-Way Slabs)

  • Beam Span

  • Deflection Control

  • Redistribution of Moments in Continuous Flexural Members

  • Example on Design of a Singly Reinforced Beam

  • One Way Slabs

  • Example on Design of a One-Way Slab


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