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Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritized Investment Plan for Critical Assets i.e. School, College, Hospitals in Dhaka within RAJUK area

The objective of this engagement is to develop a consensus-driven analytical foundation required for longer-term investments to reduce risk in the built environment of Dhaka.  It will concentrate on two main activities: i) Assessment of the vulnerability and risk of the built environment (including city extensions) in greater Dhaka to earthquakes and floods, focusing on essential and critical facilities/infrastructure; and ii) Development of a prioritized list of retrofitting and rehabilitation investments to strengthen critical facilities vulnerable.

This engagement aims to identify at-risk public infrastructure, including critical and essential facilities such as schools, hospitals, police stations, religious buildings, fire stations, city halls and government buildings. This can be achieved by assessing their vulnerability to earthquakes, floods and other hazards and develop a city-wide vulnerability reduction program and setting out priorities and budget required for their risk reduction. The assessment will establish the patterns of vulnerability of the city, identify the hotspots, and serve as a basis for a long term vulnerability reduction in greater Dhaka.

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