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Rapid Visual Assessment (RVA) of Critical Assets i.e. School, College, Hospital etc.

The Rapid Visual Assessment (RVA) method utilizes a damage grading system that requires the evaluator to

  • Identify primary structural lateral load-resisting system, and
  • Identify building attributes that modify the seismic performance expected for this lateral load-resisting system along with non-structural components.

The inspection and data collection typically occur at the building site and is expected to take couple of hours for a building, depending on its size. The screening is based on Code based Seismic Intensity, Building Type and Damage Grade as observed in past earthquakes. Once the data gathered, the data will go through a detailed review by expert engineers for decision-making process, risk scoring and prioritization. The main uses of this procedure in relation to seismic upgrading of existing buildings are:

  • To identify if a particular building requires further evaluation for assessment of its seismic vulnerability.
  • To assess the seismic potential damage (structural vulnerability) of the building and seismic rehabilitation needs.
  • To create a basis for selection of the most vulnerable structures to be taken for further analysis.
  • To create a cadre of reliable results and assumptions for development of long-term investment plan for Greater Dhaka Metropolitan.

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