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📌 Webinar on Disaster Imagination For Safer Dhaka City

Disaster imagination is central to encouraging government officials, professionals, educators, and the general public to demand and engage in disaster risk reduction. We cannot reduce disasters that we cannot confront, and we cannot confront or prepare for disasters that we cannot imagine. This is important in a country that has not experienced a major earthquake in more than 100 years. Thus, the crucial first step to improving urban resilience is to first imagine what will happen during a disaster if the city is not resilient. Only in this way will key actors fully understand the role they must play in preventing disaster risks and why they need to act now to do so.

Webinar Objectives:

• To help participants understand what happens in an earthquake; their role in minimizing disaster risks; and actions they can take now to help themselves, their families, and their groups better survive.

• To understand and recognize that each person has a role to play for minimizing disaster risks.

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