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The main aim of this report is developing a geodatabase for further analysis in geo-hazard and vulnerability assessment in the DMDP area. The database will be an input for data sharing with a GeoDASH platform, moreover, the schema of database can be used for the same analysis in a different part of Bangladesh. 

Due to analytical processes which should be conducted during the study, a geodatabase in ArcGIS has been designed according to requirements of different disciplines including seismic hazard analysis & response spectrum, flood hazard analysis, urban planning, etc. One of the main challenges of this study is finding appropriate spatial data which covers DMDP and includes requisite information in the attribute table. GeoDASH as a primary platform for accessing spatial data didn’t provide all required data owing to data restriction in viewing or downloading or lack of uploaded data which covers DMDP. So we have gone through timeconsuming bureaucracy for collecting data from different organizations.

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  • 📂Package No. URP/RAJUK/S-5: Consultancy Services for Development of Risk Sensitive Land Use Planning Practice for Urban Resilience Unit (URU)
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