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Photo Gallery 02 (Workshop Session)

A professional workshop on "Importance of formal compliance and quality control for professions and society and how approachable technology provide a solution" was held 22nd June, 2019 at Lakeshore hotel, the workshop was organised by RTI International consultant of package s-6 and Urban Resilience Project :RAJUK part. Project director and chief engineer Abdul Latif Helaly gave welcome specch and program overview. Dr. Kimiro Meguro gave speech on disaster imagination , Dr. Mehedi Amin Ansari and Dr Maqsud Helali Professor of BUET gave speech on Earthquake and fire Hazard reduction respectively. The discussion continued with lead of Professor Dr. Raquib Ahsan. The workshop was graced by the presence of IAB president Jalal Ahmed and many other architects, engineers of government organisations.

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