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Frequently Asked Question Regarding Planning

1. How can I know in which areas you provide general land user permission order and in which areas use T1 ACT 75(I)/(II) rule?

If the criteria of land use in certain area matches to the criteria and standards set by the Master plan/Development plan, direct land use permission can be given. However, for any kind of deviation or mismatch to protect public interest to the Master plan the application have to proceed through the TI Act. But this is not frequently practiced.

2. Which documents must be submitted to get the land use clearence and what is the fee?

The following documents are required for submission to get land use clearence :

  • Application form (Form No. 101)
  • Deed copy
  • Revenue receipt copy
  • Duplicate carbon copy
  • Mutation copy
  • Partial CS MAp
  • RS Map
  • Certified copy of power of attorney (if applicable)
  • Location Map
  • City jorip porcha (if applicable)

For land use clearence , the fee is Tk. 1000.

3. How long does it take to get a land use clearence?

It takes maximum 30 days to get land use clearence if all documents submitted with the application form and validity of land use clearence is 2 (two years).

4. Is there any requirement for Land use clearence from RAJUK if one buys a plot from a private housing company ?

If the housing project of the private housing company has its approval from the authority , the land use clearence is no more required for a plot located in the approved layout.

5. Is Land use clearence required to approve a plan for RAJUK plot ?

No land use clearence is required for a RAJUK plot.

6. Is it possible to approve a commercial or non-residential building design in residential plot? Is there any law?

There is no scope to approve a commercial building in a residential plot unless conversion of land use type of the respective plot is done through a specified process.

7. Which documents are required to approve a design?
The following documents are required to approve a design:
  • Application form(From No. 301)
  • Deed
  • Duplicate Carbon Receipt (DCR)
  • power of attorney (if applicable)
  • Mutation
  • Indemnity bond
  • Draft Publication From
  • 9 copies of the plan (for building up to 10 storied)
  • If the building has more than 10 stories, special project clearence and a structural design is required along with the prior clearance certificates from the 9 organizations.
8. How long does it take to apprtove a design?

It is done by the Authorized Section of RAJUK. General concern building construction committee approves the design within 45 days of submission. However, it varies with the frequency of their meeting.

9. How is a design plan approved when land is in place surrounded by 10/12 buildings of each having 3 / 4 floors and which is beside a road which is actually 8'-10' in width and having no in the road?

No plan is approved without minimum 10m wide access and minimum 12m wide road. If a lot fulfills none of these requirements but has sample land for building private roads can apply under the TI Act. However, such type of permission is very rare and exceptional.

10. What actions does RAJUK take in case of illegal/unauthorized buildings? How these accusations are settled?

The building inspectors of RAJUK are charged with continuous monitoring of all the buildings within the RAJUK jurisdiction area. If they find any kind of deviation or, if any neighbour complains against his neighbor regarding illegal construction, building inspectors prepares a notice to the violators. This notice is a 2C type notice and asks to show the authorization documents of the deviators within certain time period. Such notice is sent 3 times. If the owner fails to show the required documents in time RAJUK is empowered to demolish his structure.

11. What is the law of approval of a plan when it is rejected?

If a plan is rejected the owner can appeal in the appealed division of the BC committee. his committee examines the plan again. If they find it satisfactory can approve it. However, they can also reject it.

12. Is there any law for approving a design after a building is built without prior permission?

Yes, there is a law enacted since 1987. Under this law it is said that if a building is constructed without RAJUK approval but following all the regulations and set backs of RAJUK then it is possible. But the owner will have to pay a 10 times increased fees along with a minimum Tk. 5,000 fine (it can be more).

Source: Frequently Asked Question From RAJUK Website

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